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Saturday, 24 December 2011

x is for fabled x-factor

x is for x-factor well it had to be really because i don't have much to say about x-rays.

i don't think i will surprise you when a say i don't like this show or any of this generation of "talent" show that have spawned from Popstars
the first reason i don't like these shows is the lack of song writing I'm assuming that even if a singer song writer did turn up for the x-factor auditions they wood still be made to regurgitate the songs of others instead of  showing off  the full rang of there talent
at this point i feel the need to bring up MobileAct unsigned/Orange unsignedAct which did have real bands on who wrote songs and played instruments (including some friends of my brother hence why i watched the first series) but the show was a bit shit and if i remember right did evan show the full songs

the second reason i don't like these shows is judges who get paid (probably an obscene amount) to pull faces and make rued comments while unpaid contestants provide most of the shows contents

i could probably come up with more if i watch these shows but i don't so i'll move on to the main i hate x-factor. you can't avoid it ,i don't watch but i still know what happens on it because for some reason it gets reported on the news as well as repotting on every detail of the contestants lives and emergency  news flashes whenever simon cowell farts

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