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Monday, 16 January 2012

fabled manifesto: manifesto

it seams clear to me that politicians don't have a clue and so I'm starting the fabled manifesto with my ideas on how to get the country if not the world running better and I'm starting my manifesto with a new law about manifestos

when a political party rights it's manifesto it should set a target for each department (along with how the target is to be measured) to be achieved by 6 months before the end of there term and if they fail to achieve a target the party gets a fine to be added to the budget of the department they let down

this should make manifestos more realistic and clearer to the voting public.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

fabled apocalypse

so not long to go now till the apocalypse which all the best scientific minds agree will happen at midnight 31 of December i don't know in what time zone that is. also no one rely agree on what type of  apocalypse we are facing
we beater start prepping for our new post-apocalyptic lives
so here my if i had £2000 to prep prepare for life after the apocalypse
first thing first we should do some research now you but i can't find any post-apocalyptic survival guides on amazon ( i am actually shocked by this) so we are going to have to make do by watching post-apocalyptic movies

Mad Max Trilogy 7.99 important lessons to learn from this STAY AWAY FROM TINA TURUER
Tank Girl 2.99 important lessons to learn from this try and find a tank
Waterworld 4.19 important lessons to learn from if the world is flooded get a boat instead of a tank
now let tool up
Celestron Skymaster 25X70 Porro Prism Binocular 84.99
Gelert Global 80+15L Rucksack 69.99
Leatherman MUT EOD Military Utility Tool179.99 (can you tell i've started to think i set the budget to high)
Mil-Tec US Jungle Hammock Mosquito Net Camping Olive 41.99
Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bag 679.99 (that should cut the budget down to size)
Kookaburra Blade 750 Cricket Bat 49.99 the proper english tool of killing mutants, gang members and mutants gang members.
Roughneck 65636 Sledge Hammer 16lb 45.14 who has time to pick locks
Makita ZMAK-DCS9010-74 740mm/ 30-inch 90cc 2 Stroke Petrol Chainsaw 681.07  because if your hand get cut off you need something to replace it with
S Style Green Jerry Can Metal Construction 20 Litre 21.65
Draper 43904 Fuel Transfer Syphon Pump 8.92
Fly London Men's Sheen Boot 110.27 because they have Buckles
CyberloxShop Cyber Goggles Metallic Silver £9.49 just because everyone is dead don't mean you can't still look cool