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Friday, 2 December 2011

b is for fabled baths,fabled basins,fabled bidets,fabled blue?

day two of the fabled alphabet and b is for bathroom as well as several items in them baths ,basins ,bidets (if your too posh to wash your arse in the basin like a normal person) and bogs, but where have all the blue ones gone (or peach) if you click on last two links you will see that UK's largest bathroom retailer don't do blue(or peach) or any colour. i find this white toilet obsession very odd and more odd is how property and makeover shows seam offended by a non white bathroom and clearly am not alone in noticing this

if your in need of a bathroom suite you could buy this or this or maybey this on ebay at absurdly cheep prices in fact if you have room to store them why not  buy them all  and hope they come back in fashion then you my make a nice profit
or you could just  buy my mug from my zazzle store (they are white)


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