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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

import export:2

i have just watched the first two episodes of Wilfred staring Elijah Wood Jason Gann but i can't help thinking i should of been watching Wilfred starring Jason Gann, Adam Zwar and Cindy Waddingham
previously i posted that 

since then we have had Angry Boys air on BBC 3 but i don't know why they are now sowing the us version of wilfred and not the Australian original . i never really understood  why it is we let the yanks remake shows, (it's money isn't it) are us audiences confused by the existents of other countrys will there brains not except an englishmen not waring a hat (bowler or top) or a Australian without corks hanging off his. i am shore most Americans are not that thick but there TV executives clearly find it hard to believe.
and if I'm in the UK watching Wilfred USA is Australia  watching Life on Mars USA or Shameless USA . I really hope not

well I'm  off to make a British version of How I Met Your Mother staring Simon Amstell as Ted, Emma Watson as Lily, Simon Bird as Marshall, Olga Fedori as Robin, Stephen Fry as Barney and narrated by Brian Blessed

Monday, 15 August 2011

fabled advertisement

as you may know from earlier posts I'm always trying to scrape a bit more money out of my life one of the things i had avoided doing was sponsored tweets i though what the hell and gave it a go and so far my followers are still following and i have made $0.14 which sadly is better than i get from the ads on my blogs so now I'm getting asking  for your opinion on sponsored tweets.
I'm still not shore i like sponsored tweets and if my income was more stable they would be the first to go (assuming it's not sponsored tweets doing the stabilizing) but if they were hated I'd have no followers and would not have made a whopping $0.14
please leave your opinion of sponsored tweets in the comments

Sunday, 14 August 2011

if i had: fabled security

if i had is back after a longer than usual brake and the theme for my shopping list is security for topical reasons and for the same reason I'm not setting a budget for my fictitious shopping spree but i am going to try to be quick, i need to get back to my fabled home before someone brakes in an stills my Teaset.

fabled security mug
fabled security by ianbyfordart
I may be an idiot but i don't condone 
rioting and looting