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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

m is for fabled multiculturalism

m is for multiculturalism way back in february David Cameron said "multiculturalism has failed" and i thought i'd take this moment to call our pm an idiot if he looks at his own wikipedia page it wood remind him that his great-great grandfather Emile Levita was german but if he wants a more up to date example he may want to look at his deputy how has a Dutch mother and a Spanish wife. or maybe just maybe he could go for a walk though the street of Britain hang out in a british pub and wittiness people from all round the world who most of the time mix with each other just fine yes integration can be a bit clunky and yes there are Muslim extremists and white supremacists out there but surely it there "monoculturalism" that has failed time and time again

ps David Cameron's 5th cousin is also married to a Greek
(well that what wikipedia says)

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