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Sunday, 4 December 2011

d is for fabled dubbing

d is for fabled dubbing and today i'm stepping in to save the British economy (not that anyone going to listen) using dubbing. there is a lot of tv show and movies not in English and quite a lot of countries speak English. so why don't we buy the international distribution rights for foreign tv and moves dub them and sell the broadcasting right on to the other English speaking countries. the up sides to these are it use little or no raw materials, Britain has plenty bilingual residence to translate, just about anyone can be a voice actor (we may need to get them an equity card) and most impotently if we get in there before the Americans they will be in proper English

i should point out i'm not an expert in distribution rights,broadcasting right or the economy and this my be a shit idea but i do know the difference between jam and jelly, and that you don't need a helmet and shoulder-pads to play football.

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