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Friday, 23 December 2011

w is for fabled whereabouts

when it snows heavily in the uk the whole country grinds to a halt and being the fabled idiot i of course think i can solve the problem (or at lest ease it)
when it snows heavily the first thing reported on is the amount of schools that are not opening because the teachers can't get it but i think it's important to note most of the kids wood have no problem getting to there school in the snow because the kids need to live near the school to get a place there so the question is why shouldn't  a teacher have to live in the catchment area to get a job there?
or for that matter why shouldn't most jobs have a catchment area?
and if they did wouldn't regain some of that community spirit I'm tolled we had in the good old days
wouldn't a local employer not be more inclined to get involved in local education if it was improving the next generation of employes wouldn't they care more about local health care if they know it gave them a healthier  work force.

and on top of all that wouldn't the pressure to the country's infrastructure be significantly less if people lived nearer to where they work

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