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Friday, 17 December 2010


it got to be said that my tech is a bit on the outdated side i don't have a smart phoneor an i-anything
. but this isn't going to stop me telling people how internet connection isn't powered by steam what to download
my first recommendation is Cage Against the Machine

a cover of John Cage's performance piece 4'33"which is a recording of ambient silence lasting that length. by The Kooks, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Fenech Soler, Scroobius Pip, Cyrstal Fighters and many more.
the signal is attempting to mach Rage Against the Machine achievement  of keeping The X Factor winner from Christmas Number One in a campaign started by Jon and Tracy Morter on face book.
. Proceeds from sales of the track will aid five charities: Calm, the British Tinnitus Association, Youth Music, Nordoff Robbins music therapy and Sound & Music.

here at fabled idiot i am not above plugging my friends stuff in-fact i am going to try and do it as much as possible so here is an i-phone app that has just published a short story by michelle goode
Ether Books app
and michelle story is called When The Music Stops
i hope you enjoy it because i can't unless one of you buy me an iphone

i am not above plugging my a family member's stuff either in-fact i am going to try and do it as much as possible
so here the Hunchbakk Christmas single