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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

n if for fabled news

n if for news. i do like to know what is going on and watch the news most days but the news always find a ways to irritate me
1. reality tv news, i don't need to be told on the news what is happening on the various reality tv shows if anyone who wants to know wood watch the shows. so these "news stories" are glorified adverts or just filler
2. baby/animal news, this story is the same everyday ;  baby/animal was sick/in an accident but is better now/getting better isn't he/she brave.
3. duplicate news, bbc and itv have the news split in two the "national and international news" and "the local news" we don't need the same story on both with the exception of where the local people need additional  information for example roads closed around a major incident.
4. everyone is watching this youtube video so we are going to show it on the news. this is news reporting at it laziest.

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