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Monday, 3 October 2011

fabled letterbox

do you get to much junk mail flooding through your letterbox do you get pestered by door to door salesmen who swear they are not trying selling anything
well you will be glad to hear i have come up with a solution that may stop this irritating you ever again
if someone want use my blogs to advertise they pay to do so.
well thats your door there using to advertise why should they use it for free?
so i suggest you put up a price list

£10 pre leaflet/flyer
£10/min for  doorstep sales pitch
(even if you clam your not selling anything)

now I'm not a big city lawyer and have no legal training but it is my expert opinion that if someone stick a pizza leaflet through your letterbox you can phone the number on the leaflet and demand payment
(ps I'm not an expert)

fabled letterbox mug
fabled letterbox by ianbyfordart