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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

f is for fabled fiction

im dyslexic and when i was at school i had to read a lot of book with a support worker to improve my read which brings us to f in the fabled alphabet fiction i was in high school when the Harry Potter book come out and kid walking down the with a massive book was not uncommon. were as the reading martial selected for me by the learning support department was wafer fin book with a bright illustration on the front from which you could determine the whole plot. these book were shit and yet the support worker were surprised by my lack of motivation to read such drivel. so at this point i will point out something that rely should need to be point out
people will be mover motivated to read a book if its a good book
so if you work in the learning support department why not treat your student like the intelligent individuals my shore they are and find a book they will enjoy.

now go by a mug

1 comment:

  1. i've enjoyed hearing a few brief view points being spoutted off. maybe keep a handfull in mind to develop into mugs and longer blog posts.

    i like the electricity idea and the condemnation of the shit books!