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Thursday, 22 December 2011

v is for fabled vegetables

v is for fabled vegetables but i'm not talking about normal vegetables i want to talk to you about irregular vegetables knobbly potatoes and wonky carrots, i have seen this subject come up on a number of tv shows and the situation is this supermarkets won't accept anything "prefect veg" because they say people don't buy it and the farmers can't sell the veg the supermarkets won't buy because they have to sing an exclusivity deal with a supermarket to get a price they can live off . after explaining this these show usually head to a small town center armed with a wonky carrot and asks  members of the public if they wood buy wonky carrots and they all say "yes" (well all the ones they show do)

they never address the way veg is displayed in supermarkets which is an a mounting of constantly replenished vegetables. now in this situation you are not going pick the wonky carrot are you

so how do we solve this problem well i can think of tow options one ban exclusivity deal between farmers and there buyer or change the law so the buy with of produce with exclusivity deal can't refuse any good fit for human consumption and they will have to work out a better way to sell it

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