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Monday, 25 July 2011

fabled lynch mob 2 The Wrath of Khan

in a comment on my last post i said "i may do a more detailed post about facebook lynch mob soon complete with mug if nothing gets it the way" and here it is complete with mug.
now i'm not writing this to defend criminals my point is it's not for us to decide who is a criminal,or not until we have been picked for jury duty and presented with all the evidence.
for example lets say mr Khan Singh is arrested on suspicion of the murder of James T. Kirk and someone setup a face book page called "Khan Singh is a murdering bastard" what dose it achieve?.. well in my opinion nothing a form giving ill-informed people make aggressive comments with little thought.
lets say Kimara Cretak a post a comment on "Khan Singh is a murdering bastard" saying "someone should tip petrol over this bastard and watch him burn" what good could come out of this? the best cases scenario is nothing happens but there are several negative scenario that could arise.

  • Kimara Cretak's prospective employer may see this comment and decide "i don't want someone like that representing the Romulan empire"
  • someone may tip petrol over Khan Singh when he's out on bale set fire to him and Kimara Cretak may find him self try to prove he didn't do it
  • Khan Singh may be found innocent but finding his life destroyed by negative coverage tip petrol over Kimara Cretak and watch him burn
ok these are unlikely and over dramatic scenario but the unlikely sometimes happens and you will certainly piss off someone somewhere just so you can let strangers on the internet know that you think murder is bad

Friday, 22 July 2011

fabled lynch mob

if you head over to facebook people just can't wait to start hating someone they have never met as soon as there name is in the news. yes Rebecca Leighton has been arrested but that is all we really know at this moment it hasn't even been reported what evidence led to the arrest so whether she is innocent or guilty it's probably to early for a face book page called "Rebecca Leighton - Murdering Whore" don't you think, so before joining the lynch mob and posting comments like
"id cave her f**king head in with a hammer the dirty f**king scumbag!! she will get away with it too cus she's a bird, i hope she dies of cancer the f**king trollop!!!" (yes that's a real comment on face book)
maybe you should ponder  the possibility that she may be innocent and that people with the facts should decide if she is innocent or guilty and the punishment (if she is found guilty) decided by someone with a judgeship and a gavel. not a ill-informed moron with a hammer