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Saturday, 26 February 2011

fabled idiot at the movies: last man on earth

were posable i do like to watch the first movie adapted first and if i read faster i would try and read the book first so to day i'm dipping in to the archive and reviewing The Last Man On Earth(1964) the first film based upon the Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend a book George A Romero openly admits to basically ripped off when talking about the inspiration for Night Of The Living Dead
Richard Matheson wrote the screenplay but was unhappy with the film and and was credited as Logan Swanson.
this is a good film but maybe i let it get away with more then i should just because it in black and white and looks older then it is. especially the "action scene"(if thats the right term for this) at end were Vincent Price is running for his life, brakes in to a room labeled armory and has a bit of a "shoot out"(if thats the right term for this) A Fistful Of Dollars it is not but it was out the same year as was Goldfinger and Mary Poppins
but look at it in isolation it's a dam good and well written film starring a legend of the silver screen putting in one hell of a performance even if it falls down in the more active scenes.

but the best thing about the film is it public domain so i can post it up here and you WILL all WATCH IT and then TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK in the comments

and the moral of the story is if you want to make a film that stand the test of time make it in black and white not 3D

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