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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

if I HAD: going Japanese

if you read my art blog you will know i have been over indulging in anime (Japanese cartoons)
and i was inspired by the characters siting and sleeping on the floor to furnish my nonexistent home for the price of a sofa bed
this 2 Seater Fabric Sofa Bed £499

so first thing first i need a Futon to sleep on. $75.00 i can't find a Traditional Japanese Floor Futon in £ but at today Exchange rate that about £46.90
 a  Duvet 6.89
 Pillows, 2 Pack £4.33
Satin Duvet Cover Bed Set, Single, Reversible Black/ Cream £13.95
Roma Dark Wood 4 Drawer Chest of Drawers £167.99

on to the living/dining room
KYOTO - Solid Wood Storage Coffee Table £59.99 doubling as a dining table
Evans Lichfield Union Jack Traditional Tapestry cushion   x2 £24.99 each 
Evans Lichfield St. George Tapestry Cushion, x2 £12.50 each

i still got some imaginer money in my pocket so i'm going to pick up stuff for my nonexistent home
La Cafetiere Oriental Teaset, Berry Black £25.60
Sake set Japanese metallic black plum blossom design 4 cups £22.99
Bowl set Japanese black plum blossom glaze for two £19.99
Sushi set black plum blossom Japanese for two £26.99
ProCook Japanese Knife Set 4 Piece £10.00
and maybe something to read
Manga Shakespeare: Macbeth £6.39
Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet £5.11
Manga Shakespeare: Hamlet £6.39

£0.51 change 

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