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Saturday, 19 February 2011

a slice of fabled pie

in my ongoing hunt for income i stumbled across a sit that pay you to wright small reviews of songs so i said what the hell i'll give it a go and at first it was good and i got a dollar us for the first day and a dollar the second which is two dollars more than i would have had otherwise for doing not a lot but the i go to say it got a little boring and i have only been on and off site casually over the week and am now up to three dollars. i thinks im going to keep on in the same casual manner  till i get my account to the ten dollar pay-out (by paypale) then call it quits
but if your more passionert about music and are a faster writhe than me i think this maybe worth a look
a slice of fabled pie Mug mug
a slice of fabled pie Mug by ianbyfordart


  1. even if you manage to review 1 thing a week, and recieve 52 dollars a year, you will have been paid more than i ever have in the entire time i have been writing reviewsd and articles

    the free CDs and free gigs are bloomin handy, but i still have to cover the cost of travel and grabbing food on the go.

    so, after however many years i have written for glasswerk, i am most likely in the red, while you are in profit after a couple of days


    btw, please change your link colour, they look lost on the black....

  2. i don't get a dollar of each review i did several review and got 2 or 5 cents for them, so far i have done 88 review and got $3.05 but your right i am still in profit