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Monday, 2 May 2011

if i had: fingers in my ears

some times you just want to tune out the rest of the world and hide away on a uninhabited island to get away  from every one banging on about what ever it is you don't want to here about weather it sport ,realty tv, or just realty so this mouth I'm spending 1000 imagery pounds to stick my fingers in my eras and go "lar lar lar lar lar lar lar lar lar larlar lar lar lar larlar lar lar lar larlar lar lar lar larlar lar lar lar lar" at the top of my voice  for about a month

first thing first i I'm spending a month on my own in the fabled Hermitage im going to need some tea
Yorkshire Tea Bags ( 1200 Pack) 29.99
Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar (5kg) 8.47
Dairy Crest Semi Skimmed Milk 500ml Ref A06003 [Pack 12] 11.24
 i'll need something wash all that tea down with
CARLSBERG Danish Lager 24x 500ml Cans X2 27.99
Tesco Value Lasagne x8 0.78
Tesco Value Shepherds Pie x8 0.79
Tesco Deep Pan Meat Feast x 4 1.50
Tesco Value Cheese And Tomato Pizza x 4 0.63
Tesco Value 4 Minced Beef And Onion Pies x2 1.00
Tesco 4 Chicken And Mushroom Pies x2 1.99
Weight Watchers Chicken Tikka And Coriander Rice1.78
Tesco Value Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles x30 0.10
Eastmans Popcorn x 4 0.88
Tesco Value Snack Assortment 12Pk x2 0.76
Thomas and Friends Organic Pasta 250 g (Pack of 12) 7.03

now on to the most inpotint thing the movies
Godzilla [1954]  5.99
Godzilla Raids Again  2.29
King Kong Vs Godzilla 4.48
Mothra vs. Godzilla  5.86
Godzilla 2000 16.99
Godzilla: Final Wars  12.00
Godzilla [1998] (us) 3.97
I'v got to say I'm a little bit more than a little disappointed i can only find 7 of the 29 godzilla movies (and i'm not shore i count the us one) but i still have fake money to spend and time to kill
The Planet of the Apes Collection (6 Disc Box Set)  9.94
Monty Python - Almost Everything Box Set  29.99
Ah! My Goddess - Complete Collection  24.99
Ah My Goddess - Series 2 Box Set 27.19
Ah! My Goddess - the Movie  29.99
Monkey! - The Complete Series 49.47

Captain Scarlet - Complete Series Box Set  13.34
The Prisoner 24.19

Terrahawks The Complete Series 40.52
Dangermouse - 25th Anniversary Box Set (12 Disc Ultimate Collection) 22.99
Count Duckula - The Complete Collection  14.99
Maid Marian And Her Merry Men - Series 1-4  18.34
Round The Twist - Completely Round The Twist  15.99
Eerie Indiana - The Complete Series 15.29
Quantum Leap - The Complete Collection 67.99 oh boy!
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy 5.49
The X Files - The Complete Collector's Edition  96.97
My Name Is Earl - Seasons 1-4 56.99
Pushing Daisies - Complete Season 1 9.39
Pushing Daisies - Complete Season 2 10.49
Dead Like Me - Season 1 17.93
Dead Like Me - Season 2 17.93
now i guess i should get dressed
Silk Mix Men's Dressing Gown 59.99
and some company would be good
Scientific Anatomical Model : Life Size Human Skeleton 109.99

i don't think i can come up with a better way to spend a month than siting on my ass and watching dvds Without My Pants until my eye fall out of my head

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