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Sunday, 22 May 2011

do we need more rubbish on tv?

some time the would sends you signals and over the past week it has been telling me to get nostalgic for the time when channel  4 filled the night with odd programs and bad movies the first signal i was sent was in the form of Joe Cornish constantly popping up on fillm4 to promote his first feature film Attack the Block
it was the low budget The Adam and Joe Show that kick off the night with a bad movie rounding the night off which brings me to the next signal sent to me from above
when in a charity shop with my brother he pulled this guy out of a bucket of action figures 
for those of you how don't know this is The Toxic Avenger the savior Tromaville where a good number of these fantastic bad film were set. 
with more tv channels than ever we should have a b-movie Smörgåsbord to fill up on but instead we get the repeats of the same programs that was in the daytime

so my massage to the tv executives of the world is if you must fill the schedule with rubbish can we please have a bigger variety of rubbish to pick from 

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