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Sunday, 29 May 2011

fabled injunction

the news papers has gone injunction mad telling us "we know something you don't know and think you should know because we think it may sell more papers so it must be in the public interest"
then some people on twitter do some twitting and soon
we all know what the news papers know and think we should know.
so are they happy?
and in the big fight between freedom of speech and right to privacy
no one has pointed out (not when i've been listening) that the court time and taxpayer money is being wasted to stop someone telling other people who there sleeping with something thats going on in pubs up and down the country and the easy way to stop this is to make it illegal for news papers to buy story

it's at this point i should reveal that a married celebrity who can't name for due to an injunction has come over to my fictional house she spent a lot of time on my nonexistent Futon doing things I'm not allowed to tell you with me
but due to the wonders of the internet you can speculate all you want on twitter and help boost my traffic
fabled injunction mug
fabled injunction
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  1. what Her ? Really ? It looks like.......?, we must say no more

  2. that's a rather clever way to drive up traffic!!

  3. hmm,, nIce posT.. lOve it..

    visiT Me..