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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Looking for extra cash

The internet had a lot of potential to make extra cash as well as lot of people telling you you can make 6 figures a year for little or no work. Now being broke I am keen to tap in to some of that potential but not being gullible I know I’m not going to be moving in to a mansion any time soon or infect any time full stop.
My first step to getting money out of the internet is pay per click advertising. This is the most passive way to make money on line but it is clearly a slow burner I have had adsense on my art blog for well over a year and am yet to reach the pay out threshold but I don’t need to do anything on top of what I was doing so I’m happy with slowly slowly catchy monkey

My second step to get my hand on some cash is “O.D.P” on demand printing. on demand printing web site let you upload document to be print as a product such as poster, t-shirt, books and more. Letting you sell products from the web sits without having to worry about stock.
I currently use two of these site redbubble and zazzle  I have had money out of both sits. most site have a pay out threshold but zazzle let you request your earnings any time.

My third step is paid surveys. This so far has been the most profitable I get links to surveys from two site (mysurvey and valued opinions) with mysurvey you get points for completing surveys (around 50-80 points per survey)  which you can extra for cash payed through paypal. valued opinions pays 50p-£1 per survey and pay out with a £10 voucher sent by post (you can pick the retailer the voucher is for inducing tesco and amazon)
survey can be infrequent sometimes but not often dose a week go by without getting at lest one and most of the time it more like one or two a day.
My forth step is affiliate link . it was affiliate link that led to me creating this blog and with each post add to this blog the chances of someone clicking on a affiliated link and giving me a cut of the sale increase.

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