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Friday, 30 September 2011

fabled time travel

if your a fan of dr who you will know that some points in time are fixed and can't be changed but apparently the time dr who starts is not one of them. way can't the bbc just pick a time slot  and show it at the same time every week instead of starting at 7.15 one week and 7.05 the next. the bbc must see the logic in keeping the same time slot because they do it with all there major shows monday to friday so why does this not extend to the weekend! this is not a new problem the bbc have had an oddly shifting saturday schedule of some time but to make things that bit more irritating they have stopped telling you at the end of the program what time it's on the next week.
now i know i can buy a tv guide or check the times on line and if i miss it there is the i-player but the question is if the bbc can make there schedule more consistent (and i can't see a reason why they can't) why wouldn't they?
at this point i will say this would probably of irritated me less if dr who wasn't proceeded by shows where the last 5-15 minutes your accidently watching is 90% dramatic pauses.

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