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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

fabled idiot On the fence

I haven’t posted for a bit as I’m trying to concentrate on a comic min series im working on (keep your eye on ian byford art.blogspot) but to stop this blog from stagnating I thought I’d share an concern well concern is the wrong word really, maybe it's just a observation. “There are a lot of pointless fences”. Or at least fences achieve nothing more than making people walk fervour(not that I think people need to walk less) these are usually round parks and car parks (sometimes separating them from other car parks) which are never locked. Ok no ones going to die due to too many fences and a lot of fences are put up for very good reasons, I'd just like people to ask them self some questions before putting up a fence 
What is the fence for?
does it need to be that big ?
Would a bollard do the job?
On the fence mug


  1. This NO FLY ZONE over Libya, do they use fences ,
    I don’t think so what's your point.
    Mine is things could be adapted, ? YES or NO ?
    This is just to exercise our minds or as your previous comment said, it’s just a bit of bollards!!