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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Can you be a minimalist hoarder?

I hope you can because I want to be one. I have to say I’m not driven to have a lot of stuff or live in a big house most of the time I find it hard to spend money and will spend time trying to find an alternative. In the past year or so I have found myself driven to reduce the amount of stuff I do have. A new laptop meant I could remove the gargantuan cathode ray tube monitor from my desk. I also took the opportunity to remove the unwatched unloved TV from the same desk the next obvious target was the temple to outdated formats which was my stereo With it caste deck cd player and AM/FM radio it clear that this device fines itself like so many other usurped by the computer. My phone is now my full time alarm clock. 
But If you read ianbyfordart.blogspot you know I am endlessly piking stuff up in the street. I just can’t let something I see as an interesting object go to west. Well it’s about time I tried to bring these two conflicting urges in to harmony. 

But how?...

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